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Live From The Morgue

This is the Podcast of Live From The Morgue, a comedy talk radio show live on Sunday nights 9pm to 12 Midnight, East Coast Time.
  • Short Show, we get into the Atomic argument, and Susan explains Spahgenergy

  • HAPPY EASTER, or rather HOPE YOU HAD A, we talk Easter, then sing about it

  • We had no gas in the tank, and we were really tired for the show. Big Andrew stopped by for a riveting interview

  • We had nothing, till Murphy showed up and gave us content.

  • A very close call hits home to the show, The Fake moon landings, 911 bitch slaps a hurricane

  • Murphy wakes up during the show and makes her first on mic debut and she kills it! Getting her first ever comedy duo punch line out with perfect timing, we read from the brothers grimm, go deep with Steve on why he hates mother nature

  • We are sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole, that leads to this show, we uncover new and startling evidence surrounding the attacks of 911, unsettling proof that what we have been told just might not be the truth, but this comedy reality radio show will set you on the right path to the truth.

  • The Great McDonalds Showdown Debate, Smashing the Gays and LBRQYYXSDGWTER restroom privileges, Immigration, Family History, Trumps deporting, New Laws for Crimes, Vegetarians are murderers too

  • We have our annual 5th year Oscar show and it doesn't disappoint, joined by lady trucker, we discus the pro and cons of slavery during the commercials, then the greatest Oscar debacle goes down, tune in, Live from the Morgue starts now bitches

  • We discuss the seriousness of Carnouka disease and how it can affect you and your family, how to get stabbed in the eye, we win the powerball, and Susan learns to fly, this and other lies in this episode of Live From The Morgue

  • Family Rant, Top 10 what not to by for Valentines day, Karaoke Home Runs, Murphy Talk, Go Fund Me updates

  • We get into our new phones, tips and tricks on how to fool the system, Mr Lee stops by and wraps.

  • In this episode we journey down the rabbit hole of Alien Abduction, our 3 guests tell there unique stories of how they were abducted, tested, probed, implanted, and returned. Buckle up the ride is about to get bumpy as we enter.... The Zombie Zone.

  • Islanders commentator and play by play man Jiggs McDonald stops by and chats for 2 hrs. Go fund me chat, and a 30 minute rant on friends.

  • Gofundme talk, Possible new jeep, snowplowing, weekly rant, flashback 7 game, Andy from Zeroking stops by, Movie Reviews, Fairy Tails in the Zombie Zone, were now going live on Facebook with video

  • Please help spread the word, The Morgue needs help share the fund raiser on the web page live from the morgue . com This week Movie reviews, Golden Globes game, Weekly Rants, the Zombie Zone is revealed, Bootle news, Karaoke, Scientology Discussion in the Zombie Zone

  • Not the new start we were looking for. New show opener kicks off the fun!

  • Hey music lovers, do you have a favorite Indie Band or are you in one? Then submit your music entry to Live From The Morgue’s ‘BATTLE OF THE FANS’! 

    We will pitt two Indie Bands against each other that will go Track vs Track and compete live on our New York radio show, any genre, any age. Your fan’s votes, as well as ours, will determine if you will be booted or move on. So this is how it works, submit your Track, LFTM will contact you on which date your Track will air and then you promote the fuck out of your fans to vote for you. Come that date, we will play your track vs another band’s Track, the Fans then have one week to vote for your Band (all votes prior to that night will count towards points, so promote early!) At the end of that week, the Band that has the most points from votes will be announced and move on to defend their title in the next round. If you’re good enough and good to your fans, we could be promoting your band for weeks!

    Fans vote for your band via, Twitter, Facebook posts/messages, Phone messages and Phone calls. To see how good of fans you have we have added in a point system.

    1. Twitter = 1 point

    2. Facebook = 1 point

    3. Phone message = 2 points

    4. Phone call live into studio Friday night = 5 points.

    To vote via Twitter, tweet @LivefmTheMorgue #Battleofthefans EX. @LiveFMTheMorgue #BattleOfTheFans Im Rocking the vote for Churnstyle!

    To vote via Facebook, message https://www.facebook.com/live.fromthemorgue.5

    To vote via Phone message, call 631-881-5483, leave a message on the Morgues hotline anytime.

    To vote via live show call 631-881-5483 Friday night’s 8-Midnight EST

    So what do you get out of this? You get to come on the show for an interview, free promotion for your Band with one of the hottest radio shows, better relationship with your fans, also all the bands competing that week will be featured on the website and did we say free promotion? Does your Indie Band have what it takes to stay on top?

    1. Indie Band/Artist must have a single out and for sale.

    2. Indie Bands/Artist must post on social media about the show.

    3. Indie Band/Artist must be available for interview.

    4. Any physical copies of music will not be returned.