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This is the Podcast of Live From The Morgue, a comedy talk radio show live on Sunday nights 9pm to 12 Midnight, East Coast Time.
  • Short Show, we get into the Atomic argument, and Susan explains Spahgenergy

  • HAPPY EASTER, or rather HOPE YOU HAD A, we talk Easter, then sing about it

  • We had no gas in the tank, and we were really tired for the show. Big Andrew stopped by for a riveting interview

  • We had nothing, till Murphy showed up and gave us content.

  • A very close call hits home to the show, The Fake moon landings, 911 bitch slaps a hurricane

  • Murphy wakes up during the show and makes her first on mic debut and she kills it! Getting her first ever comedy duo punch line out with perfect timing, we read from the brothers grimm, go deep with Steve on why he hates mother nature

  • We are sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole, that leads to this show, we uncover new and startling evidence surrounding the attacks of 911, unsettling proof that what we have been told just might not be the truth, but this comedy reality radio show will set you on the right path to the truth.

  • The Great McDonalds Showdown Debate, Smashing the Gays and LBRQYYXSDGWTER restroom privileges, Immigration, Family History, Trumps deporting, New Laws for Crimes, Vegetarians are murderers too

  • We have our annual 5th year Oscar show and it doesn't disappoint, joined by lady trucker, we discus the pro and cons of slavery during the commercials, then the greatest Oscar debacle goes down, tune in, Live from the Morgue starts now bitches

  • We discuss the seriousness of Carnouka disease and how it can affect you and your family, how to get stabbed in the eye, we win the powerball, and Susan learns to fly, this and other lies in this episode of Live From The Morgue

  • Family Rant, Top 10 what not to by for Valentines day, Karaoke Home Runs, Murphy Talk, Go Fund Me updates

  • We get into our new phones, tips and tricks on how to fool the system, Mr Lee stops by and wraps.

  • In this episode we journey down the rabbit hole of Alien Abduction, our 3 guests tell there unique stories of how they were abducted, tested, probed, implanted, and returned. Buckle up the ride is about to get bumpy as we enter.... The Zombie Zone.

  • Islanders commentator and play by play man Jiggs McDonald stops by and chats for 2 hrs. Go fund me chat, and a 30 minute rant on friends.

  • Gofundme talk, Possible new jeep, snowplowing, weekly rant, flashback 7 game, Andy from Zeroking stops by, Movie Reviews, Fairy Tails in the Zombie Zone, were now going live on Facebook with video

  • Please help spread the word, The Morgue needs help share the fund raiser on the web page live from the morgue . com This week Movie reviews, Golden Globes game, Weekly Rants, the Zombie Zone is revealed, Bootle news, Karaoke, Scientology Discussion in the Zombie Zone

  • Not the new start we were looking for. New show opener kicks off the fun!

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    Written by steve. Posted in Main Article

    Live From The Morgue started off as a podcast in late January 2012, when Host Steve (Wolfx) bought a mic and board from a customer of his. After a few weeks of just fucking around, Steve n Cuz Johnny decided to make a podcast, after a few name ideas, Live from the Dungeon, was a close call. Live From The Morgue was born due to all the Halloween props that Steve made and stored in his basement; so friends would come over and say, 'Hey, let's go to the "MORGUE" and shoot pool'..etc.. So the name made sense, also being " Live " when it was recorded was funny. Jan 19th the first show went. Steve and Johnny did the Morgue with varying guests that were mostly friends from Xbox. The show took off on the website, Podomatic.com, where it was being hosted. It hit the top 10 within the first 2 months number 3 out of 30k shows was the best place, staying floating from number 5-10, doing almost 100 downloads a day. At this time, we ran a contest called, "The Comedicaly Challenged Comedy Challenge", where the show met, Paul Corrigan, local comedian and soon was a friend to the show. In April of 2012 Steve seen a tweet that a new radio station was looking for shows to go live. Steve sent in a demo tape of the Morgue and the show got picked up for Saturday nights 9-12am and starting in 2 weeks. The problem, Johnny did not want to commit to a live show every Sat night, so he bailed out. So here's Steve with a dream of doing live radio right in front of him and he had no show to put on, no cast or crew. So he called every friend he had, as the days started to tick away he was getting desperate. All the new equipment was in place; new mics, new computers, new sound board but still no crew or show. But finally 4 days prior to going live, Steve called a long time friend in Colorado, Brian, "the Lord of Azzholes", who agreed to host the show. That night they met up in Skype and started to bullshit like old times. Brian pulled in a friend of his, Greg Light, "Lord Dark Claw"; an Aussie fella living in Austraila. Soon, Steve and Greg were talking through the night long after Brian had punched out for the night. Dark joined the cast, they had put a show plan together and were set to go live, with some minor complications. (Episode 17) Paul Corrigan was on the first show along with Brian and some friends. It was a fun time and stressfilled but man we killed it. The show started to gain some momentum, setting some records as we went; 661 people in chat, 9 hr. long show, some good moments, 16 people on the show at once, 8 person karaoke. They started to pick up cast members and loose them just as fast. In June Paul Corrigan came back on the show and with him came this annoying woman in chat, ShiloSparks. She kept hounding us about if there were ever any women on the show.... later to find out it was author Susan Rose. Steve contacted Susan to be on the show to promote her new book, they talked that night for 3 hrs. on the phone. Susan made her appearance on the June 30th show and never left. Soon she was playing 4th mic and when Brian started to flake out, Susan stepped up her game and took over the host spot with Steve. Soon the two of them started to shape up the Morgue; as the relationship between them strengthened, so did the Morgue. With a crew around them, always changing, it was hard to keep the ship straight and sailing upright. So finally having enough of their home lives; Susan's in Indiana and Steve in New York. It wasn't going to work. So Susan, on Sept 17th 2012 left her home, her husband and her job, and headed to NewYork. Packing her pick up truck with everything it could carry and at daybreak hit the road. Meanwhile, in New York, Steve let his fiance of 21 years, knowing Susan was on her way and she needed to leave immediatly! (They had been seperated for last 3 weeks.) Susan arrived in New York 18 hrs. later; she went through 2 hurricanes, 3 blizzards, a tornado and a stampeed. Steve had to go get her at the end of the block, Susan's eyes were shot from the contacts she had in for the trip. So Steve had to drive her home the last 800 feet because she couldn't see the street signs and kept missing the block. Soon the two of them living together formed an amazing bond that can't be beat. With Darkclaw, engineer Hellraiser (Who got this website up and running.), Rotti on third mic, apperances by Ricey or Cuz Johnny Fastlane happen randomly. In July 2013 the show got the news they were let go from the station they started with, it didn't take long for the Morgue to get snatched up, not even 2 days later, they secured a spot on the Mixx.fms line up on Friday nights. Now in a new home and all worries behind them, they shed the last of the cast that were dragging down the show. Now with the line up Steve n Susan and floating 3rd mic to friends, guests and fellow Mixx hosts. The show has never sounded better as the guests keep rolling through with great interviews and fun listener games, rant line for the fans to call in on 631-881-5483. 2014 started off with a lot of hospital visits but so far no deaths. With such an easy and unique manorism for interviews, the Morgue has gotten a reputaion for their friendly atmosphere as they make everyone comfortable like their old freinds just revisiting. So let's see what the New Year is going to bring to the Morgue.