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Live From The Morgue

This is the Podcast of Live From The Morgue, a comedy talk radio show live on Sunday nights 9pm to 12 Midnight, East Coast Time.
  • The new rabbit hole opens up Sandy Hook, Sheenah joins the show again, conspiracy's go wild.

  • The world is being manipulated around us, let us show you how.

  • We get into man made weather, Hurricane pranking, Sheena Von Blackbear stops back into the Morgue

  • Sorry was getting behind with replays, enjoy the latest conspiracy

  • I have no idea what this shows about.

  • Bernie and Darius stop into the Morgue and talk Civil war

  • Eric DaSilva stops by as we get into all kindsa talk

  • One tuff Muther calls in, lady trucker and we all get into the Paul is Dead conspiracy.

  • New Mics and a test show is born

  • Comedian Tim Cavanaugh stops by, and we plunge down one of the deepest rabbit holes, Paul McCartney died on Nov 9th 1966

  • We prove the Juice should be Loose!

  • Sorry website was giving us issues uploading.

  • Karafun is had all night as we take another show off, and just relax and have some fun

  • The original show was never recorded, 3 hr live show. so here is why.

  • We Get into a Karaoke hole and cant get out

  • These are the Live From The Morgue Replays


    Anthony Cumia drops in the Morgue July 18th 2014

    Anthony Cumia drops in the Morgue July 18th 2014
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    18 July 2014

    Guest-Anthony Cumia-radio host (Opie n Anthony)/TV show host. We were discussing how the injustice to Anthony needs to be addressed, How SiriusXM was in the wrong, when Anthony and Keith the cop Called in to talk about the new show "Anthony Cumia Show" premiering on augest 4th,visit AntonyCumia.com for more info.


    Guest-Anthony Cumia

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