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The Morgues Replays

Live From The Morgue

This is the Podcast of Live From The Morgue, a comedy talk radio show live on Sunday nights 9pm to 12 Midnight, East Coast Time.
  • The original show was never recorded, 3 hr live show. so here is why.

  • We Get into a Karaoke hole and cant get out

  • Steve spurts off and gets caught and has to be Susans bitch for the rest of the show.

  • Sprinkler Stories, Bad Karaoke, Weird News

  • Just a very sleepy show, LT calls in, we talk about the most interesting in the world

  • Going solo once again, wolf takes on the Morgues reaper on his own.

  • Sexy Sprinkler Talk with Steve, More Sprinkler stories, we run some audio of potential show openers, LT calls in for attention...that whore..

  • Murp

  • We talk about stuff, big A joins the show, then we tell Phone stories. sorry was late converter died, had to find a new one.

  • Short Show, we get into the Atomic argument, and Susan explains Spahgenergy

  • HAPPY EASTER, or rather HOPE YOU HAD A, we talk Easter, then sing about it

  • We had no gas in the tank, and we were really tired for the show. Big Andrew stopped by for a riveting interview

  • We had nothing, till Murphy showed up and gave us content.

  • A very close call hits home to the show, The Fake moon landings, 911 bitch slaps a hurricane

  • Murphy wakes up during the show and makes her first on mic debut and she kills it! Getting her first ever comedy duo punch line out with perfect timing, we read from the brothers grimm, go deep with Steve on why he hates mother nature

  • We are sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole, that leads to this show, we uncover new and startling evidence surrounding the attacks of 911, unsettling proof that what we have been told just might not be the truth, but this comedy reality radio show will set you on the right path to the truth.

  • The Great McDonalds Showdown Debate, Smashing the Gays and LBRQYYXSDGWTER restroom privileges, Immigration, Family History, Trumps deporting, New Laws for Crimes, Vegetarians are murderers too

  • We have our annual 5th year Oscar show and it doesn't disappoint, joined by lady trucker, we discus the pro and cons of slavery during the commercials, then the greatest Oscar debacle goes down, tune in, Live from the Morgue starts now bitches

  • These are the Live From The Morgue Replays


    Marshal In the Morgue III

    Marshal In the Morgue III
    84Live From The Morgue_Sat Jul 20 21.mp3
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    20 July 2013

    Actor Marshal Teague Stops in the Morgue and chats about his rolls in Armageddon The Rock Star Trek and much more A Great friend to the show and always a great time
    New Show Opener
    IPhone Bashing
    New Game Guess the Lyrics

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