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This is the Podcast of Live From The Morgue, a comedy talk radio show live on Sunday nights 9pm to 12 Midnight, East Coast Time.
  • The new rabbit hole opens up Sandy Hook, Sheenah joins the show again, conspiracy's go wild.

  • The world is being manipulated around us, let us show you how.

  • We get into man made weather, Hurricane pranking, Sheena Von Blackbear stops back into the Morgue

  • Sorry was getting behind with replays, enjoy the latest conspiracy

  • I have no idea what this shows about.

  • Bernie and Darius stop into the Morgue and talk Civil war

  • Eric DaSilva stops by as we get into all kindsa talk

  • One tuff Muther calls in, lady trucker and we all get into the Paul is Dead conspiracy.

  • New Mics and a test show is born

  • Comedian Tim Cavanaugh stops by, and we plunge down one of the deepest rabbit holes, Paul McCartney died on Nov 9th 1966

  • We prove the Juice should be Loose!

  • Sorry website was giving us issues uploading.

  • Karafun is had all night as we take another show off, and just relax and have some fun

  • The original show was never recorded, 3 hr live show. so here is why.

  • We Get into a Karaoke hole and cant get out

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    Rise Of The Spyres

    Written by steve. Posted in Rise of the Spyres





    By Host & Author 

    Susan Rose

    While living in the Midwest on a radio interview for the book series, Susan fell in love with Steve, the radio show Host of LIVE FROM THE MORGUE. A very short three months later, she left for New York to be with Steve and finally started living their lives! They now host the radio show together and continue to write the amazing stories like, Rise of the Spyres.

     The first book of the series, ‘Rise of the Spyres: The Beginning’, is the story of a courageous woman known as Shilo. On the night that her parents were to explain the unusual events surrounding their family, a tragic accident takes their lives. Soon after, Shilo’s uncle Telius, a good friend to the family, steps up to take over as her and her twin brother Danko’s lone guardian. Shilo discovers Telius is more than a guardian. As time passes, Telius slowly begins to unravel the true meaning to Shilo’s life; she is the leader of a clan of super humans known as ‘Spyres’. Shilo’s destiny is to lead them against their mortal enemies known as the Telkins. Shilo partakes in this epic adventure, as she has to make the decisions between life and death, love and betrayal and the ultimate decision of the war that rages inside all of us, Good vs. Evil.

    On Kindle for 99¢ -

    Hound Comics $14.99 - 200x200 Hounds

    PaperBack for $17.99 - 


    Format:Kindle Edition
      Susan Rose is a great story teller and kept me interested in the plot, I had a hard time putting the book down. Her ability to MIXX reality and fantasy is fresh and alive and a long way from the MORGUE. No one can ROB her of the props due to her. Anyone who loves to read a great story spun by a great weaver shouldn't wait a second longer and get this book! Thanks for blessing the world with your presence Ms. Rose I am now a huge fan and cannot wait for more works of art such as this from you.
    By          H$ 
    Format: Paperback
      I think this book is an inspiration. A great read and I had the pleasure to hear the author read live from the book, very well done. :-)
    By Carlo Cappalonga 
    Format:Kindle Edition
      Susan Rose is one of today's best writers and is still going strong, Rise Of The Spyres: The Beginning is an awesome story and gets better with every page turn. the anticipation and tension build to a crescendo with the imagination working overtime.

    Contact us Personaly for a signed copy!