Welcome to the Partner Page

These are some of the amazing people that help make up the Morgues Network, an amazing group of individuals that come together as a whole for a single purpose, to selflessly go beyond the limits to help each other. If you think you have what it takes, and want to join our family, visit the contact page for more info.


“Karma Is Sacrifice, Come & Join The Carnage!”


” Sup Sluts, Im Jazz, aka Herby. I play GTA 5  rp, Rocket League and Stream making music, Stop by & Get High.. I meen stop by and say Hi!  “


” My names Konnor and I’m an entertainer. Come enjoy yourself, stay awhile! ”


“Whats up guys this is smokiebuds let’s chill and game, why can’t we all get a bong!”


“Hi im Bobbytheghost dont be afraid to drop in and show some love too a Ma Faka!”


“VR, Racing or Wrestling. I’m your ass.”


“bushwookie it up!”


“I’m all over the place, I like to play games just as much as I like to make covers or illustrations, and you can expect a fair bit of chill content thrown into the mix as well..”

Morality Core

“I come from a land down under, come watch my lighting and hear my thunder!”


“Hey it’s Doc, forgive me if I don’t shake hands.”


“Im Drey, And I love to Play GTA 5 RP and other random games to escape real life, cause adult life sucks”​