Welcome to the Network page

    Are you tired of gaming alone? We got you my friend. then it's time to join the morgue's network. We offer help and assistance from graphic artists, musicians, video editing, helping with obs, setting up your streams or overlays, People to game with anything you might need help with, we will find a way to get your project up to speed and to your liking. there are countless ways to make a difference and opportunities for all of our streams/ projects to grow by contributing as a whole in many different ways. Even if you only have a few minutes a day, you can make a difference.

    1. supporting others by spending at least 5 minutes in another networker's channel while they are live. just by being in there for a few minutes and chatting, shows the other viewers that this is a cool place to be and will raise the moral of the viewers and the streamer.

    2. tweeting out that a fellow networker has gone live or retweeting one of their tweets about their stream. it might not sound like much but the more you do it will make a big impact on future streams and will get more viewers in the chat or views to your project.

    3. hosting and raiding is a huge part of the morgue's network. that will take any viewers that you have and introduce them to other networkers in our growing family. not to mention, it will open viewers up to the other content networkers have to offer in the morgue's network.

    4. discord is also a huge part of the morgue's network. you will find new friends to play games with and new games to play. don't forget, though, it's not just about games, some of the networkers in the community are musicians as well and you might find new music that you like that you never knew about, Maybe you need a song for your project, they can help create that song in return you plug there sound cloud on your project as an example of how we help each other grow.

    5. The Network is also for gamers with nothing to plug or promote, just friends that want to game and are looking for others of the same interest. example New World just came out recently why go at it alone, when you can have a network of friends to play with and form a clan together.

    6. There is never a requirement to do anything, the more you help out others the more they help you, so it's all about the effort you want to put forth to help yourself. With the network behind you supporting you the sky is the limit on how much you can grow.

    7. There are levels to the Morgues Network, a reward system if you will, not only will others help support you but we here in management will do the same, the more we see you helping and contributing to the network, the faster you can grow through the ranks. From being a member in discord, to making it to the partner page, then to the front page giving you the most exposure for your projects and streams. Using #MorguesNetwork on your stream titles, tic tok videos and such you help promote the network as a whole. Tweeting out you're live, tag the website as well and say "Hey i'm live @Twitchyourstreamname, but also check out others in the network @ livefromthemorgue.com!

    So come join the discord, introduce yourself, settle in, An let your new family embrace you and lift you higher then you could imagine. As we grow you grow, and together we will rise up together. Back to Back, that is what this logo means. Feel free to use it on your streams or projects to let others know your part of a Network that actually cares about its community!